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SammIndia was very great to work with. Very fast response time, professional Layout and a master of their craft. Changes are done immediately and very reliable. I hope we find reasons to hire them again :)


Samm Worldwide Pvt Ltd (SAMM) empowers and improves your business by providing customized Software Solutions and software related Services. The combination of effective communication, qualified technical team, experienced management team, competitive rates, proven track record, overseas experience and multi-lingual staff makes SAMM a powerful choice for customers. SAMM helps in reducing the overall Cost of Ownership without compromising on quality. At the same time, they get access to larger pool of resources at variable costs.

In brief, we would like to categorize the service offerings as follows:

Software Development

SAMM provides customized software solutions by using latest software development tools, project management techniques and software engineering practices.
SAMM uses Standards equivalent to SEI-CMM Level-3. We focus to understand clients' requirements precisely, deploy Iteration methods and deliver in multiple phases. This gives the control over the project monitoring and reduces the risk to the minimum.
SAMM has been providing following types of applications and Solutions to the Market since year 1993:


SAMM has been providing Software Services in following types of applications:

Client / Server Application Development

Client-Server computing has imerged as popular technology in the business world. The similarities between this computing paradigm and the way today's businesses want to operate are so clear that a large number of corporations are using/migrating to Client-Server.

Using structured methodologies and proven IT processes help to reduce complexity, risks and associated costs. We have the required skills and appropriate experience to develop customized software applications. We have experience and expertise in a wide variety of the programing language tools and platforms to ensure that the developed Client-Server applications meet clients'expectations.

Web Applications

Multiple forces (e.g. Business Need, Scalability, Accessibility, Maintainability) are forcing the companies to alter the scope and architecture of application development. In business, global competition demand rapid deployment of highly adaptable systems. Today, the deployment of an application can extend far beyond an organization's boundaries. SAMM has experience and expertise in developing a wide variety of the for Web Applications.

Open Source Framework Based Software Development

The application development based on Open standard "free software" is catching the attention of many software analysts and consultants. As the quality and reliability of open source software tools is steadily getting better, the biggest advantage of having open source code based software development is the low Total Cost of Ownership.
Due to increasing demands, SAMM has done various projects using the open source code based products and Frameworks.

Component Based Development

At the foundation of this approach is the assumption that certain parts of Software Solutions reappear regularly and such parts should be written once and used many times. SAMM will provide such components for integration within the Applications. This approach can potentially be used to reduce software development costs and maitenance costs.

Wireless / SMS Applications

SAMM has delivered many Wireless Solutions (Client-Server & Web Application with Wireless Component, SMS-Gateway, SMS-Integration with existing applications etc.) to Clients. SAMM has also developed & maintained Software Products for a reputed German Client and later helped them in launching their Mobile Products in India. Besides, SAMM has been assisting clients in extending their legacy or web-enabled applications to the wireless world.

XML Applications

To address the requirements of commercial Web publishing and enable the further expansion of Web technology into new domains of distributed document processing, the World Wide Web Consortium has developed an Extensible Markup Language (XML) for applications that require functionality beyond the current Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). 
SAMM has developed various XML Applications that can divided into three broad categories:

SAMM has the experience and the technical know-how to develop solutions based on XML and related standards.


SAMM has been providing solutions in following types of applications:

Web Portals and Web Applications

e-business is an essential requirement for success in today's fast-paced, global economy. Unparalleled opportunities exist to expand markets, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and offer customers & partners seamless access to information. To capitalize on these opportunities, organizations are turning to e-Business as a competitive necessity. It has following advantages:

SAMM has the required skill set for e-Business development & implementation.

Customer Relationship Management

Every interaction (an inbound or outbound call, an incoming or outgoing e-mail, Web-based collaboration) provides an opportunity to win new business and boost customer satisfaction. To be successful and consistent, the organization must leverage every contact with customers. 
SAMM has in-depth knowledge of CRM to assist in the full product development, enhancing the functionalities and migrating existing applicatoins to other platforms. SAMM has experienced professionals with excellent track record in developing & implementing CRM products. SAMM has skills that are required to effectively complete multiple stages of a CRM implementation, such as:

SAMM has the required skill set for CRM development & implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP Solutions integrate IT-processes across your company's division and departments. SAMM has intensive domain knowledge and not simply the knowledge of only technology. This vision determines the appropriate architecture, customization features, installation procedures and the level of complexity as per your business requirements. 
The experienced business managers and a motivated team of software engineers work with Clients' team to standardize and re-engineer the business processes. 
SAMM has the required skill set for ERP development & implementation.

Legacy Web Integration

A legacy system can be described as a computer system or application program that continues to be used despite its poor compatibility due to the high cost of replacing or redesigning it. There is a widespread need for a web interface to the existing heterogeneous information in organizations. This information ranges from documents in a variety of proprietary formats to engineering and financial databases. 
Our experience and comfort with legacy systems allows us to propose efficient web solutions or Client/Server solutions.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is defined as the process of solving business problems through the discovery of information and insight from data. This is accomplished through data management and the analysis of relationships among data. This processed data or information has to be used to derive timely and effective business decisions. 
Any company, having a large number of products or consumers generating large amount of data or operating in a fiercely competitive market intending to utilize its data assets to its advantage, will find BI solutions extremely helpful. 
SAMM will assist you in developing necessary data repositories (Data Warehouse or Data Mart), producing intelligent cubes using OLAP for subsequent analysis and reporting. 
SAMM has the required skill set for developing and implementing Business Intelligence solutions.

Storage and Back-Up Solutions

SAMM can help in managing the server environment and backup effectively so that the performance is maintained at the optimum level and to have conducive business environment. Progressive Server management offerings ensure that server parameters and operating systems are administered and tuned well. Our deliverables include:

SAMM has extensive experience managing remote servers.

e-Learning applications

The e-learning Applications deliver big cost savings to corporate organizations, government agencies and academic institutions through the use of Internet-based learning technology by launching powerful and effective training programs to large groups of people.This distance learning concept can be completely outsourced. SAMM makes it easy to enroll, register, test, grade, report, analyze, manage and measure all aspects of a distributed learning program.

e-Governance Solutions

In simple terms, e-Governance can be defined as giving Citizens the choice of when and where they access government information and services.e-Governance has emerged as one of the flagship applications with aspiration to employ multimedia and network technologies to re-invent the way the government works. 
SAMM has dedicated team that works on this vertical only.SAMM has the required knowledge to understand the procedures and work flows for knowledge procurement and developing marketplaces.

Dedicated Development Facilities (DDF)

We offer Dedicated Development Facilities (DDF) for clients who have continuous development and support requirements. These DDFs are greatly advantageous to clients because they can utilize a dedicated team with required domain expertise. There are situations when you need reliable and dedicated services on a long term basis.

The major features of this arrangement are:
Activities, which are beneficial in DDF-Model:

Thanks to Indian government initiatives and availability of large number of Software Educational Institutes, India has excellent, trained, motivated engineers available in abundance. India is at present the largest hub providing talented IT manpower to the world.

SAMM has access to people with the required skill sets and level e.g. System Analyst, Project Manager, Project Leader, Programmer, Document Writer, Quality Assurance Professional, DBA, System Administrator etc. SAMM chooses the right candidate as per the required skill set and provides them with adequate training.

Infrastructure management

Our comprehensive set of infrastructure and systems management services can help you effectively manage your IT investments, reduce overheads and improve operational performance.

Our Infrastructure Management Services Program is designed for complete IT-Infrastructure management for our customers, helping them to focus on core operations and transfer the burden of non-core areas on us. Some of the services are:

Remote System Management

New Installation Services, Proactive Maintenance, Data Storage Management, Contingency Planning & Disaster Recovery, Major Incident Monitoring & Management.

Remote Server Management

Server Health Audit, Data Backup, Strategy, & Implementation, Data Security, Server Performance Management, Server Virus Prevention, Server Environment Standardization.

Network Management

Network Problem Management, Network Security Management Integration & Inter-operatability Management, Change Management, Network Performance Management, Infrastructure Sizing & Planning, Mail and Messaging Management, Internet, Intranet & Extranet Management.

Consultancy Services

SAMM helps clients in making existing systems and processes software and Internet capable. Our consultants are dynamic, experienced, trained, motivated and dedicated to your success and interests. They will provide a fair, balanced, and objective analysis after a thorough review.

Our consulting services have been designed to assist organizations in any stage of software development or Information Technology Implementation and can be employed to evaluate projects that seem to be running smoothly or used to quickly recover on projects that are already destined for trouble.

Some of unique consulting types are as follows:

Delivery Model

SAMM's delivery models are designed to suit varying comfort levels and requirements. Whether outsourcing is part of your strategy for cost reduction, improving operations or restructuring, our service models will suit you.

Offshore Delivery Model:

The offshore delivery model entails that all project development, from initial study to testing, is done in SAMM premises. This particular model works well in scenarios where the project goals are well defined and deviation from the same is unlikely. 
Management and communication during the course of the project is the responsibility of the management and our project managers. The offshore development team, works within defined processes, thereby making this model the most cost effective.

Onsite Service Model:

The onsite delivery model entails that skilled SAMM professionals are deployed on the client's
premises. This delivery model is viable only if fluidity is required in a project, if there is need for a specific resource type or if post-deployment support is imperative. From initial consultation to maintenance and support, our representatives are highly qualified and combine excellent business acumen and strong inter-personal skills.

Hybrid Development Model:

This model, a combination of both onsite and offshore, is the best of both worlds and results in optimized costs and maximized efficiency. The onsite team will directly interact with the clients and will serve as consultants, program managers and developers, depending on project requirements. They will do requirement studies, design and development, while interfacing directly with clients. The offshore outsourcing team will interact only with the onsite team and will provide additional crucial support, thereby reducing costs and implementation time. The model allows for scalability and has enormous operational benefits.

Dedicated Team Model:

This model aims at creating relationships with customers who seek long-term services. Our model involves the creation of a dedicated team comprising engineers who have or built domain expertise in specific areas. This ensures continuity within the project and iterative use of components while continuously upgrading to market requirements and effectively addressing business critical issues like our clients' time-to-market pressures.